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Hubbard, OH 44425

Phone: (330) 534-8826

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We Also Sell:

  • All Products For Maintaining Wigs And Hairpieces
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Styling Products
  • Salon Products
  • Wig And Hairpieces
    Styling Supplies

Types of Wigs We Carry:

  • Blends
  • Heat Defiant
  • Human Hair
  • Synthetic

Wig Sizes:

  • Average
  • Children’s Wigs
  • Large
  • Petite
  • Ultra Petite

Count On Us

Shears Wigs & Hairpieces Studio in Hubbard, OH is a locally owned business owned by Marilyn R. Jacobs and we are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We offer guarantees for our products including wigs, hairpieces and hats. Shears Wigs & Hairpieces Studio has been based for more than 25 years at our Shears location providing the finest services in the area at the best prices.

We Focus On the Customer

Our clients mean a lot to us so we give them 100% of our expertise because satisfied clients are what we strive for. We offer personalized service and assure complete privacy. Our expert technicians use the best products on the market today for all of our services. Our studio provides alternative hair solutions for men, woman and children for specific needs.

The Alternative Hair Solutions We Provide:

  • For Men - Hair Systems For Those Who Have Male Pattern Baldness
  • For Women - Hair Extensions To Add Length & Volume
  • For Women - Hairpieces For Certain Areas Of The Head That Require Additional Hair
  • Full Wig Prosthesis For Men, Women And Children Who Are Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Full Wig Prosthesis For Those With Alopecia
  • Full Wig Prosthesis For Women With Fine, Thinning Hair

Why Do Women Need Alternative Hair?:

For Women With Thinning Hair:

  • Builds Confidence
  • Feel Good About One’s Appearance
  • Look Younger

For Women During Chemotherapy Treatments:

  • Even Though Your Body Is Going Through A Stressful And Traumatic Change - It Gives You Some Peace Of Mind To Know Your Outward Appearance Looks The Same As It Did Before Chemotherapy
  • Makes One Feel Better Knowing You Can Have A Wig Style And Color Much Like Your Own Hair

For Women And Children With Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss That Occurs When Your Immune System Attacks The Hair Follicles Causing Baldness In Patches Or On Entire Scalp):

  • Alternative Hair in the form of Human Hair or synthetic wigs brings back confidence.
  • Feel Better And More Comfortable About Yourself
  • Makes One Feel More Attractive

Hairsystems for Men With Complete Baldness Or Male Pattern Baldness

Full Prosthesis (Full Wig):

  • Customized Hair System (One That Takes 6 To 8 Weeks For Delivery)
  • Human Hair
  • In Stock Hairpieces (One That Takes 7 Days Or Less For Delivery)
  • Many Shades, Including Greys
  • Synthetic Hair
Bags and Accessories
(Also Known As A Hairpiece Or Toupee):

  • Can Be Curly Or Straight
  • Can Be Different Sizes
  • Comes In Many Different Shades And Densities
  • Human Or Synthetic Hair
  • In Stock Or Customized
  • Top Of Head Only

Purpose of Hairsystems for Men

Like women, men need to feel good about themselves also. Hairpieces make you feel younger and more attractive to the opposite sex. If the hairpiece or full wig is properly cut and styled it can be totally undetectable to most people.

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